Wing Walker II

Maybe it’s time to let go.

See what the unknown holds. It might be better, it might be worse. Certainly the outcome is the only thing we are unsure of. I do know that it’ll be different.

You’ll find other amusements: more delightful distractions, worse sorrows even!

Because, such is life.

But at least you won’t be living on the edge of something unknown: where you know of the irretrievable past and yet, can only guess at the unobtainable future.

At least you’ll be living in that moment in time. Existing. Collecting memories of occurrences over time rather than counting the mindless hours as they pass you by.

You definitely won’t be hanging onto that wing for life and hoping it stays that way.

You’ll be holding that wing to lift you through life and knowing it will not stay the same.

What do you think?