she is your girl

but sometimes you wonder

you think, “Do I really know her?”

the movies tell you that your girl

will do this, that and that

but your girl doesn’t

she’s not the girl in the Cosmo mag

nor the type that your boys last dated

your girl is your girl

the one you choose each morning you rise

your girl is not an open book

she’s your favourite arcade game

you’ve never reached the highest level

probably never will

but you’ll always keep trying


it depends on the day

but most times, you still want to play

your girl is that epic adventure

your odyssey

that you probably never want to end

 and how could it

when everyday there’s something

something new she’s showing

telling and saying

she’s that familiar unknown

it’s why she is

your girl

My days of carefree living and gaiety

Effortless actions and thoughtlessness

My days of randomness and spontaneity

Switching it up with acts of wantonness

When free-spirit meant creativity

And aloof didn’t equal to insensitivity

Here are my days of worrying and planning

Days for marrying and maybe ranting

Gone are my days of youth, I reckon.


Over there, yes those ones

The white women taking a picture

Of the falls, merry and all

Yes, they made me come here

Dragged me, to be honest

I still don’t know how to feel

Embarrassed or indifferent

That I know less of my land

Than the foreigners, the visitors

That I don’t marvel in the beauty

God-given and a-plenty

That I take it for granted

My ignorance, my disregard

I still don’t know how to feel

But I’m here, glad I came

And maybe, maybe just one day

I’ll be the one showing our beauty

To other white ones, and their kin.


I itch to weave lyric of my emotions

But I’m entangled in your canny trap

Interwoven with your body – in embrace

Tied up with the strings of your words

Pinned down – immotile by thine actions

And promises of sweet lusty love.


With you

It’s a roller-coaster

And a smooth drive

Blended into one

A whirlwind of emotions

Yet there’s a calmness

Enshrouded within

I have nought to do

But embrace

The feels and the anticipation

Entertaining the devious thoughts

That only you engage me in

It’s a master class for mind-play

What you conduct

Maybe it’d be entertaining to watch

If I wasn’t clinging like ivy

To the lead role.


Luck might be free baby,

Love isn’t.

Comes with its costs and pains honey

It’s like that proverbial moth

Always seeking the threshold of fiery dangers

There’s something to say about living on the edge,

The thrill of not knowing

What you’ll be experiencing the next minute.

Euphoria and Despair must be

Two sides of a god-forsaken sharp blade

Set sail with care lover mine,

Even I can’t promise a safe passing

Let alone landing, in this lagoon of emotion

It’s too shallow for one to throw anchor carelessly.

Love lasts but on a whim

Casually assured today to earnest skepticism the next.



Sometimes I wake up to a cold heart

A lonely soul

As time flies

I listen to the sweet and serene cry of nature,

The songs of birds in love,

As I lay alone in my bed.

Memories of you flirt with my soul

Thinking of you crashes my mind

I am in the state of sweet surrender,

I am a prisoner held captive by your love,

Your smile, your laugh, your touch,

Please take me home.

Take me to where your heart finds rest,

Take me as I am, a drunkard of emotion and feelings.

Let me be that one,

The one who gets to greet you err morning

And kiss you err night,

The one you get to call lover-boy,

For I am crazy when I’m with you,

And I want to stay that way.


But boy will he, will he every passing day

Be the one to fill that role,

Be the one that wants me to call him these names

Will you give in to my attentions, teases and endearments

That days past I’ve been already calling you in my head

I want to wake up to your touch

Go through hours and nights knowing

Most of your smiles

Are mine and mine alone

Boy, do I wanna call you lover boy, baby, bae

All those cliché things we laughed at

During all those late-night conversations 

When we were nothing more than friends

Now that we’re trying to be something more 

Oh yes everyone finds our attempts and struggles cray

But you get it, you get me

Maybe because it’s a kind of “us” typa life now

I think of you when there’s something new to tell,

To laugh at, to get depressed over

I think of you when there’s nothing left to think

So maybe there’s nothing to question on this

Maybe there’s no what ifs and what nots on this page of our lives

Let’s just grab our scrolls, turn the leaf over and have you writing with me


Aww but the things you do unto me,

I can swear you render me speechless,

I have crafted words just for you,

Master of my art just to please you.

And since you feel the same way about me,

I will make no promises for they can be broken

I will make a vow,

Not even death will do us part.

But this, I want to do when on one knee,

Looking into those golden beautiful eyes,

I want to see your colour fade when I pop the ring,

I want to see the smile on your face form,

A developing blush and acceptable smirk.

As I give you the ring around which my heart is wound.

Then, I will take you places,

As you call me those cliché things we laughed about,

I will call you bae, angel, my cupcake.

Through hours, I intend to smile at all your smiles,

I look forward to sleepless nights and endless tales,

Crazy laughs and many memories,

And such will be us,

Crazy as we are, nothing can hold us now,

Only if you say the word.


And if by word you refer to the “yes”,

Then darling that I’ve already said

Countless, inconceivable times I have acquiesced

My body, my soul, my mind especially 

All are yours, for you to please 

To take to places imaginary and real

To swing through dances for us and for the world to see

A vow, we could write and recite

But our hearts, that’s where our promises are written

In ink indelible for us to read

On our fingertips and on our lips

Words tattooed for our eyes only

For such are phrases that only we crave

And for that, I’m ready 

Take upon it as you see fit

For memories are already in progress,

And words, well words outspoken are only for formality.

This lovely freestyle was written by #nkima and #shawn. Thank you Shawn for being inspiration!

I Never Wrote A Sonnet

Not for him, nor for you

Not for my dreams, nor my realities

Not for thrills, nor for passion

I Never Wrote A Sonnet

To be my voice, To tell my story

For my hands still too quick

At the thought of penning my fancies

I Never Wrote A Sonnet

But I’ve sung many-a-sonnet

Of Life, Of Love, Of Nostalgia

I’ve uncovered many – complex and varied

That resonate and echo with me, and my own

And Yet Still I Never Wrote A Sonnet

But maybe one day, I will.


The best is yet to come

Today is only a step to that

Except this has got me wishing

For once that I could stay 

Scheming in the present

Relish in the feelings and the actions 

For these I can control

The future though

That’s got me anxious

Time does always seem to get 

The best and worst of me

This instance, it’s got me for certain 

Is it defence to fight for what I have?

Or an offence to strife for what I want?

For now tied down and unable to let go

I’ll take my current self-indulgence

It’ll be my future stepping stone

Whichever ways it goes

If yielding I cannot do

Then lesson learnt or good judgement

It will be.


Gone to soon


Gone for me


My otherworldly phantom


Hovering in thoughts unaired


Loved Feared Worshipped

You are eternity.


(yes you can read this from the bottom up too)