There’s been a time when your phone beeped and you hoped it was a Mobile Money alert or a cute Good morning! text from the crush only to find a wedding meeting reminder. Sigh.

A series of angrily murmured responses always follows:

“Broke men shouldn’t be proposing.”

 “Why want to hold a wedding bigger than Beyoncé’s yet your husband-to-be isn’t Jay-Z?”

“I can only contribute if I’m entitled to join in the honeymoon!”


Yes, that wedding meeting message is nowadays dreaded even more than the landlord’s reminders. Especially when you get to a certain age. So what can one do for this situation where money still can’t be downloaded and the wedding budget won’t fund itself? Couples should let their creativity run a little wilder and away from the should-be-retired wedding meeting routine.


Here are four ideas to try:


  1. Bonfire Party.

How about converting the wedding meeting launch to a cozy event with a fire pit, barbecue, buffet and drinks station in your backyard? Throw in a few dance contests, auctions, tug-of-war and heave ho! Your guests will make merry as they raise money for your big day. Remember, a great DJ will keep guests on their feet till the wee hours.


  1. Talent Show.

If you are looking to engage more of your friends as your guests, this could be your winning idea. Round up a number of people who will perform and make a cool short video inviting people for the mini show or concert. You can charge an entry fee or place a donation bowl at the entrance. Friends with a celebrity artist ready to perform? That’s a plus!


  1. Football Night.

Let the men chip in. Let the “boys be boys”. Let the guys enjoy football season. Let the grooms’ entourage gather friends at their fave sports bar for a fun evening. The rules could be; fans of the losing team contribute more than the winners. Or for every goal scored, money is collected from everyone. Their evening, their rules.


  1. Grocery delivery.

Be sure to have your organisational skills put to test with this idea. It’s the only fundraiser on this list where people’s contributions are collected at their residences or offices. It is pre-order based and involves volunteers, affordable wholesalers, a set specific date for delivery e.g. every Tuesday evening or Saturday morning, a minimum delivery charge and reliable payment system. You will definitely do some research to pull this off. It’s worth it. Think of it as offering a service to your friends to make that extra wedding buck!


Happy Fundraising!