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Disclaimer: This usually ends up being a long, easy read.

Happy 2018!

I decided to put this up today because, not only am I going to start writing on this blog again, but it’s going to become a kinda amalgamation of my succinct, well-writ (hopefully) thoughts on my many constantly varying interests. I just want to write to publish again, no matter what’s going on with the rest of my life or whatever.

So, I’ll start with one of the things I want to start the year with. I want to get better with my personal finance management. Particularly, saving money outside of my expense account. I used to be really good at this in boarding school, you’d think I’d get better as I got older. Alas.

In 2017, I started to really embrace living minimally in terms of closet and possessions. I guess I’m better than most people since I moved from being in boarding for more than half the year to studying abroad where you can’t really accumulate much outside what fits in your suitcases to pack. But I pared it down even more. Got rid of a LOT of clothes, and things. Especially things I hadn’t found a use for in a year or even longer that I held on to for (I hope) memories’ sake. I don’t have space for memories’ sake in my bags atm. If it’s not on my Google Drive…well. 🤷🏾‍♀️ So, when I cleared out the closet, I made a Google Sheet Closet tracker for all my clothing. I’m only keeping things I can remember owning. End of.

Ok, forget the detour above. Back to finances.

This year, I’m participating in one of those weekly challenge things. I phrased it like that because that’s what I used to call it too when I first saw it on my TL a long while back. But after following and RTing and admiring from afar all the “testimonies” on Kellie’s TL and blog, I’m jumping right in with a few people in my crew. It’s the 52-week money challenge.

Yep. 52 weeks means all year long challenge. The 52 Week Money Challenge involves saving up a cumulative amount every week of the year starting from the first week of January. It could be anything from 500/= to 5000/= or 10k. Whatever you fancy, it’s your money after all. What matters is being consistent all year round for your big reward at the end.

I made a template for it that I’ll share with you here that can help you see how much you could make at the end of the year if you started putting money away from the 1st week.

I will be doing the 1000/= challenge because, well I live on a student budget and studying abroad means most of my money isn’t on my Ugandan account most of the time. But I want to save in UGX for this particular round as it will make it harder for me to access the account I will be depositing in while away in China. If the first half of the year goes as planned, I hope to start a parallel weekly saving stream on one of my Chinese bank accounts as well later in the year to bolster these savings (and also because my Chinese banks do not have crazy bank charges like my Ugandan ones).

With the 1000/= challenge, I will have saved 1,387,000 ugx at the end of 2018. All from little money I’ll  have put away without causing a dent in my lifestyle. Money I would have spent on God knows what rubbish, fr.

It’s never too late, just start today.

Pro Tip (from Rookie Manager, I think), if you have more than the week’s amount don’t feel shy about putting it all away then when you can. For example, if I have 30k today that I could save, I’d save it today and I can tick the box for week 30 as accomplished. Or, (yes, issa flexible ting), I can save the 30k today and have 29,000/= more as my week 1 contribution and tick it as just week 1 completed. In the end, I’ll have not only gotten the 1,387,000/= that was my goal, but also all the extras from the weeks I was having a good one! 😉

I also figured this would only work if I had some accountability partners in place to remind me, and to remind. So I’ve got a cousin as my main accountability partner. We both have a tough first half of 2018 ahead and this will help us deal and keep our planned saving in check. I hope we do as well as we think we are going to.

If anyone reading this wants to join, let me know: in the comments, my DM @missnantongo or my email and we can definitely get into this together.

I plan to post updates on this blog about my progress every month, so please do check back to see how it’s going and join in.

It’s never too late, just start today.

Again, here’s the link to the template you can download and use. Also, feel free to save this checklist to help you each week.

Halfway There Blog 52 week challenge tracker

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