Karamoja: The view is definitely different from my side.

‘Oh, you are going to Karamoja?’ They asked. ‘Make sure you pack light. It’s really hot there you know!’ That was last year. And I did pack a little light with a few heavy clothes and I got the shock of my existence. Kaabong, the place I’m at was colder than Kampala and it wasn’t even the rainy season!!!! I tried to pack better this time round but I won’t lie this weather never ceases to surprise me. It’s the rainy season now and gets as cold as 14 degrees Celsius. To you guys who have winter, that is pretty warm. However, I’m a tropical kid, that in my world is the definition of freezing.

I came to Karamoja expecting dry grass and thickets with naked men with spears all over the town. The very thought of it embarrasses me. However, if I were to play the blame game, I’d blame the media for showing us only what they want us to see. What I found here is not I grew up seeing on the television. Okay, a little is true but the negative parts were a little….scratch that too exaggerated. I promised an unbiased version of the Kaabong I’ve spent quite a while in.

This is my favourite hangout spot in this entire place. It’s the offices of an NGO called Mercy Corps. It has the craziest view ever!!! I’m obsessed, literally!! Also the offices have wifi. I’m a city girl!! You can take me out of the city but you can’t take my obsession with wifi out of me. Also, I insist the view is everything.

This is the view. Nothing like the gods must be crazy apparently.


While I’m still obsessing over the view, this swing, because no one ever outgrows their love for swings.

Whoever said that the whole of Karamoja is hot and dry definitely hadn’t been here.

Did I mention these adorable dogs? They are so likeable and this is coming from someone who isn’t a big fan of animals . Poor things were looking for some sun. I don’t blame them, it’s  that cold!!

And this is how Kaabong says goodnight.  



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