she is your girl

but sometimes you wonder

you think, “Do I really know her?”

the movies tell you that your girl

will do this, that and that

but your girl doesn’t

she’s not the girl in the Cosmo mag

nor the type that your boys last dated

your girl is your girl

the one you choose each morning you rise

your girl is not an open book

she’s your favourite arcade game

you’ve never reached the highest level

probably never will

but you’ll always keep trying


it depends on the day

but most times, you still want to play

your girl is that epic adventure

your odyssey

that you probably never want to end

 and how could it

when everyday there’s something

something new she’s showing

telling and saying

she’s that familiar unknown

it’s why she is

your girl

like the sea meets the green

and leaves a splurge

my body shimmies

how can I yield

to man’s demands

when mine titillating self

is the most unique thing

I have ever seen

there you have it, a long night of the full moon

s’high upon our beloved human skies

luna impassioned sings my hometown croon

deny your exploits, play to that guise

live with the illusion that it’s not you

anything, but your actions, control the tide

there’s the horoscope; stargazing, it’s true

celestials on planets taking us for a ride

HiiiPoWer, some may call it, SuperPower

and yet I wonder, yonder place I’m not at yet

do the suprêmes reversely blame us that cower

before them in bid of an absolvent pet?


volte-face by missnantongo

went to bed

in a black & white TV box

woke up today

to a world in technicolor

Did you get the memo?

cause i did not

but my stomach’s aflutter

at the possibilities


I only just turned around

except there’s the usual


yet would it be better

if I had in fact

gotten the memo

would it?


hypoxia by missnantongo

drowned in a sea of emotions

incapable of escaping situation

i can’t breathe

i don’t know how to

there’s too much

down here of everything

i don’t know

how to survive


To the guy in my dreams
Whose memory draws nothing
But the curving of my lips
Thoughts of the feel of your touch
And the calm that it brought me.

To the stranger in my life,
Memory recalls nothing but sweet memories,
Thoughts all frozen in moments
Of sweet ecstasy and warm laughs
Like a summer in a trying time.

To the girl in my dreams
Whose voice lingers in my ears
The tingles that it brings
I can feel them still, drawn out
Like a silk touch that lasts forever.

To the lady of my life,
Whose sweetness flows through my veins,
Leaving a scent of candy
And a draconian soul
My soft tissue is in yearning.

I am almost giving up
On you, and at the speculation
Of us being happy together
On loving, and being loved in return
Will you let me inside, let me love you?

Giving up on you scares me to death,
Thoughts of leaving you terrify me,
I am chained to a pole in your life
Don’t give up just yet,
For I have let you inside, please love me.

Dear Shawn, thank you for the 7 days of unexpected play with words. Keep keeping on!

Better Check Out Shawn’s blog if you haven’t yet. In Bits Of Many Pieces.

It is a little over a month since
Hadn’t been there in a while
And yet there I was
On this cold shivery night
I was only there because
Home was emptier and chillier
The bodies on the dance floor
My! The DJ had the party going
Music pumped through my veins
The sea of bodies was swirling hot
Intoxicated or not
Everybody was on a high
Nobody was thinking
Or so I thought.

I hadn’t tasted anything this chilly,
Cold with a touch of peace rather malted barley.
Down my throat it slid, smoothly leaving a trail of crazy.
The dancefloor a warm place,
My head and hands propelled
To the right, to the left
In such unison.
Getting on a high was the mission
But nobody was thinking
And so it was.

What nobody ever tells you
Of such nights is the singles
Or seemingly single, I should say
These are the ones having the fun
Casting sly glances everywhere
Ostensibly looking for their next
What nobody ever tells you
Of such nights is the fights
Duels fought on the mezzanine
Bodies for dominance
Eyes for possession
Live brawls for…nothing.

Day 6 of UgBlogWeek, ever been voted “Most likely to start a bar fight”? Nah? #okbye
Better Check Out Shawn’s blog if you haven’t yet. In Bits Of Many Pieces

Dreams Destiny Fate
These all I believe
And Yet
Patience and Companions
I must in equal measure have
Lest my beliefs turn to nought

Love Karma Happiness
These All I Believe
But without
Tears and Persistence
Carried and Endured
My beliefs may nought harvest

Family Friendship God
These All I Believe
Still Though
Temptations and Doubt
I must always overcome
For there’s nought my dreams can’t conquer.


Dreams Destiny Fate
All I must believe
But reality a block,
A perfect suaveolent syzygy
So I believe in a blink
Lest I loose all that I dream of.

Love Karma Happiness
A combination of hope & traps
Or so did granny warn
With which, a kaleidoscope of butterflies I am.
Without which a surfeit of skunks
A combination treasured.

Family Friendship God
These all I believe
Departings & betrayal
I despise
Pretending to be fine
For there’s nought my dreams can’t conquer.

We tried something new, and we believe it worked out haha… The usual thanks to this guy >> Shawn,
In Bits Of Many Pieces #UgBlogWeek

Our cultures are on a low low

Bodies scroddled in different colours,

Tribes and cultures.

But we are now losing it,

We praise English yet we are forgetting

Our own languages.

We have sagging pants and tosticating tatoos

And we dress like Chris Adam models.

Hey, is the new greeting even with the elders,

We disregard the basics upon which our parents bore us,

We know nothing off our lineages, 

The heck we dont even know our cousins,

Do you see that your cousin might be 

the girl you are secretly dating?


Do you wonder at the reason behind

Your mama’s constant pushing

We know nothing of our history

The heck can you even draw our boundaries

Chill, is the new chastiser for every criticism

We don’t care for opinions if they’re not our own

We have “bipolar personalities” and “crazy exes” 

And we colour our hair every new month

We speak of vernacular as though

It’s not the language of our people

‘preciating multilingualism and globalisation

Yet we have nothing to show of our very own

Do you see that the cause you’re championing

Is only going to get you lost?

Shawn, as usual….OBUGALO!! Thank you for doing this with me! #UgBlogWeek

Clad in neither the knight’s armour,
Nor the lieutenant’s camouflage,
Armed not with a guerilla’s machete,
Nor the lawyer’s manner of elocution,
‘Fraid not of the opponent’s arsenal
Nor the fickleness of my allies’ promises
Committed to winning, not just this spat
Nor the inevitable battle, but the war ahead.

The battle line is harrowed,
With a heavy heart,
filled with a void of unmastered strength,
I move towards my point of success,
Popejoy marching like a knight
with a shrewdness of an ape,
Obumbrating the enemy in all angles,
And like a tokoloshe, afraid of losing.
In such an abstruse moment,
the heart is sure of winning.

Dressed for battle like a sloth of bears
Armed to the teeth ready to snare
Fuelled by rage, anger and pure brawn
Shouting battle cries, slogans
All just learned passed on by other men
Meaningless words to replace truth
What I would be saying could only
More trouble beget than we already have
Because, bless me, this battle is long overdue.

If you don’t know by now, this collaboration for #UgBlogWeek is happening with #Shawn. Thank him for the resilience, and pay his blog a visit too! []