I see you.

Don’t you for one second think there’s nobody watching. I see you…holding on;

with the last tenets of your strength, holding your breath because you couldn’t dare to have that next one be the tick that knocks the ball out of the park.

You were there in the heart-warming gooey times. I remember, just as you do. The smiles you shared, the laughter, the glow of unbridled happiness. Sigh…

But that’s the point, it happened in the past. Right now, well, you’re struggling.

You’ve blamed yourself, tamed yourself, questioned yourself. You’re sure that it’s still you ruining the equation. Surely, nothing that beautiful could disintegrate and crumble so quickly, so…easily!

Maybe you’re fighting so hard that now, amidst losing this, you’re losing yourself too.

Don’t you ever feel like your wings are clipped off and you never can launch for the skies.

Don’t you ever feel like your legs are chained down and you’re too heavy for flight…

Always know that you can launch into the sky and fly…fly far above and away and beyond and..back.

Above all, always know that you can fly to me and I’ll always be waiting, and you can fly from me and I’ll still always be waiting.

I just want you to fly, or know that you can, and deserve to fly!

Fly on, little birdie!

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for your heart

to posit all the flurry of emotions

to exorcise and let go

to settle that beating drum

worry that you feel

too little, too much

put a  real word to that meh



for your mind

to exert that swirling inexplicable energy

to give it a place to thrive

to push yourself further

recall the last time you grappled

to find a word to describe

a thing, a place, a thought, a sensation