(This piece is written in response to Of Becoming A Man by Shawn posted on a Ugandan blog.)

When I was a child

I was a big one, but a child I was nonetheless,

I questioned everything

But never how I came to be, I was me:

My mother’s and my father’s and my brother’s and my cousins’

I belonged to them much the same as my body was my own


It was normal for me to sleep on my own bed

To have siblings in other houses with other mothers

I recall moments of lots of cousins and neighbours

Filling our house with the sound of children and games

So much so that by the time my sister came along

I had more than my fill of that dreaded good-for-your-health glass of milk


But before then, I had learned to walk and dominate

I was excelling in childish kickboxing by age 4, and had a brother to fight

I mastered the pouts for ice-cream, fishing trips and days “stuck” in the house

I knew nothing of team sports but enough of Power Rangers and Supa Strikas

And, surprisingly, too much of The MacGyver Show and WWE Wrestling.


Of how I grew older, I do not remember

But I can to this day recite most Ladybird Books as if I just read them

And while I learnt of that dark terror that can visit us early on

I never once doubted that I’d reunite with those I loved that’d gone

And those that loved me were surely still aplenty on this earth


The affection was assured, however implicit

But the reprimand was never shy for an appearance

Whoever had raised my mother had left an imprint

Never was an error spared of a sharp rebuke

Yet still, never was an achievement of virtue or hardwork

Forgotten nor gone unrewarded for its good


Years, yes they seem so flimsy now, passed on quick

Amidst the whines on the banality of primary school

The boys we teased had grown taller still, the girls prettier yet

The newly-minted men and ladies marvelled in the thrills of courting

And no sooner started in relishing in the spoils of the game

Than did we realise that we had to bid adieu to the roost


So Mama, the alpha and omega of the family she reigned over

Wished me well with making my own calls in life

Telling me: darling, now you’ve grown into your own

Decisions I have made for you, and now you’ll help me with mine

Knowledge, virtue and self-love you have, a lady you surely have become


I shall joyfully see you leave mine and start your own

For the world is yours, anytime you choose to claim it

You can undoubtedly speak our tongue and those of other men,

And I am proud to say that I have raised you right from feeble chick

Please, stride on and be glad for you are now a lady become!

It’s the flurry of emotions

It’s all I feel

It’s the draw to have you close

Yet  keep you farther still

I don’t need this dilemma

But oh how I crave it


It’s the flutters that strike

It’s all you

It’s the need to have you

Yet not want you so

I don’t care for this uncertainty

But oh how I desire



oscars black logo

The Oscars were last Sunday. Exactly a week ago. If this was instagram I’d say #latergram but honestly I needed to internalise the fashion. Some stunned, others well..at least they are rich. Some grew on me and others were plain hideous (I’m sorry Nicole Kidman!). So here’s the most talked about fashion and style at the Oscars.

The red carpet darling Emma Stone brought it. If it’s possible to lust over fashion then I have an unending crush on her red carpet fashion. She was the perfect seaweed goddess. The colour was an acquired taste but her style is so versatile, fun and damn-straight bringing it. Definitely one of my best dressed!

emma stone
Scarlett Johansson’s look has me like that blue and black dress or was it white and gold dress that was going around. Some people loved it but I loathed it. That hideous necklace and the hair. I’m not quite sure which I hated more the hair or the necklace or both. The dress was beautiful and well, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing her body is.

Whatever Jennifer Aniston wore, she wore better than her SAG awards dress. That dress was boring. This one seemed a little too safe as well. Not exciting to look at all!

jennifer aniston
Reese Witherspoon though, absolutely stunned on Sunday night! Ignoring the fact that she had already worn white to the SAG awards, it is safe to admit that white is an amazing colour on her and the black detail had me hooked the moment I saw her. She was dressed like the movie star that she is.

reese witherspoon
Nicole Kidman’s, well that I’ve spent a week trying to accept but have failed. I have no kind words for this dress. Its outright hideous I didn’t even get the designer name (alright fine, it’s a Louis Vuitton!). What was with the colour, the hemming and the red band that was absolutely out of place?! Definitely one of the worst-dressed that night!

nicole kidman

Lupita Nyong’o. I need a moment to take in just how exquisite this dress is. Francisco Costa out friggin did himself. 6000 pearls!!! People how much more haute fashion do we want on the carpet? And her hair and make up? Slay girl, slay!

lupita nyong'o
Movie star moment!
Cate Blanchett is simply not human. She was everything in that Maison Margiela dress. Such simplicity in the makeup and accessories and the dress! The contrast the turquoise necklace made with the black? Amazing amazing amazing!!! She was every bit a movie star in it.

cate blanchett
With Jennifer Lopez, well who was surprised? Plunging neckline gold bedazzled dress? The only thing missing was the thigh-high slit and more cutouts. She looked really beautiful but its getting old, especially with her!

jennifer lopez
Hot momma alert!
So rumor has it (rightly so, too) that Zoe Saldana had twins. If that’s what a body looks like 3 months after then its safe to say that she could be extra terrestrial for all we know. The colour, the style, the fitting was P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N!!!!

zoe zaldana
And darling darling Rosamund Pike crowned it all off in that rich red lace number… I don’t know if its the resting bitch face she always has on or it’s the new momma glow but she definitely brought sexy to the carpet! The minimal accessories with her hair in a beautiful updo was everything. The dress accentuated her tiny waist. The slit showed just enough leg. Her best award season look and my favourite dress at the Oscars 2015.

rosamund pike
Best dressed couple were definitely Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo rocking the couple’s Armani ensemble. Probably only because Because Brad and Angelina weren’t there! 😉

adam levine x behati prinsloo
Chris Pine was my favourite guy on the red carpet because c’mon, it’s Chris Pine! His eyes are everything plus his body looks good in just about everything.

chris pine